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WTF is this?

To anyone that manages a Github Organization:

It kind of sucks, right?

Very often, as teams grow, as repository count increases, we get into a snarl of permissions, who has access to what, and at some point a lot of us just give up, and give access to everyone via one team.

Well, if you've been in a tangled situations before, this webapp attempts to help by visualizing the relationships between user, team and repo.

Where did it come from?

I'm big on tools that help you do your job. I'm an ops person, in charge of security, permissions, delegation, automated builds, etc.

I also firmly believe in the power of visualization. If you don't well, go somewhere else.

In this app's previous lifetime, it was a CLI tool that generated a static PNG file using Graphviz, as that's a fairly straightforward tool for building relationship graphs.

I figured it would prove more useful if it was a more dynamic image, something you could click on and see more details, and overall more feature-full.

I am by no means a web developer, and cobbled together a lot of Other People's Software, and produced something viable.


I really wanted to try out d3.js - I think some of the networks look pretty awesome, but in the interest of time and simplicity, I used Sigma.js instead.

If someone with more JavaScript/d3 on their hands wants to take a stab at it, then by all means, pull requests are welcomed.

Things used

  • sinatra
  • twitter bootstrap 2.2.2
  • jQuery 1.8.3
  • sinatra_auth_github (uses octokit under the hood)
  • sigma.js
  • coffee (the drink, not the script)