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base fork: miketheman/mongo
head fork: miketheman/mongo
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@amcfague amcfague SERVER-5511: `help` is not a log, and shouldn't be given `migrateLog`
This corrects an issue where `migrateLog` was being passed into a string
stream.  For a log() object, this would have altered its behavior
normally, but for a regular stringstream, just displayed the pointer

Signed-off-by: Randolph Tan <>
Commits on May 02, 2012
@erh erh post 2.1.1 e19932e
@milkie milkie better way to count number of tests run edef030
@milkie milkie slowNightly/slowWeekly uses mongos b216136
@milkie milkie help small_oplog pass by removing autoIndexId:false collection 5659bac
@tadmarshall tadmarshall Fix simple-client-demo in Visual Studio 90ea55d
@alerner alerner Fixed file mode. c95d8f2
@milkie milkie server5012.js needs the article data 6036305
@milkie milkie start the tests_run counting at 1 instead of 0, since we restart mod 20 15386cc
@alerner alerner Expanded the name of the message variable. caef969
@andy10gen andy10gen Remove dead code from debug_util.h e8d47fe
@amcfague amcfague SERVER-5616 Any shell command containing the string ".auth" is not ad…
…ded to shell history

In the case where items such as `` are used, these would
normally be omitted--which isn't what's needed.  Furthermore, items like
`db.auth   ()` are also permitted, and should not be displayed.  This
replaces the existing `strstr` check with a regular expression using

Signed-off-by: Andy Schwerin <>
@alerner alerner Cleaned up trailing whitespaces. fd58d40
gregs SERVER-5742 don't clean up holding cursor, needed to ensure data is n…
…ot removed during m/r

Later cursor does not prevent cleanup.
@alerner alerner Disambiguated file name. 8e5ae62
@milkie milkie some distros need explicit pthread library on linker command line 1f29035
@milkie milkie avoid crashes on mongobridge shutdown 481771e
@alerner alerner Disambiguate file name. (Fixing compiling breakage.) dab5a8e
@tadmarshall tadmarshall Fix Visual Studio for filename changes d08d885
@singhsiddharth singhsiddharth Opcounters to BenchRunStats Obj
Added opcounters map to BenchRunStats Obj to access it from the C++
Commits on May 03, 2012
@milkie milkie enumerate(x,1) not supported on older Pythons b9f721a
@milkie milkie SERVER-5748 unify list of directories for C++ driver headers dc5c2f5
@renctan renctan Merge branch 'SERVER-5511' 4aec455
@RedBeard0531 RedBeard0531 Remove BSONArrayBuilder::nullElt and nullObj
They weren't thread-safe or necessary
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