A TextMate bundle for use with the 960.gs framework
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A bundle of useful snippets and tools for working with the 960.gs framework while using TextMate.


Well, in short, there wasn't a bundle out there that works like I need it to. This bundle contains snippets that make writing markup that incorporates the 960 framework a lot easier (and with many fewer keystrokes).


NOTE: All snippets are tab activated.

clc -> class="container_xx"
clg -> class="grid_xx"

clga -> class="grid_xx alpha"
clgo -> class="grid_xx omega"
clgao -> class="grid_xx alpha omega"

cla -> class="alpha"
clo -> class="omega"

c -> container_xx
g -> grix_xx pr -> prefix_x
s -> suffix_x ps -> push_x
pl -> pull_x

al -> alpha
om -> omega

If you run in to any issues (or conflicts with the Tab Activators), please open an issue in the reposity (or let me know at mike [at] panpainter [dot] com). Thanks!