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Snipmate Snippets Extension

This repository is meant to be used in conjustion with snipmate-snippets. I use it to maintain a separate directory of snippets that aren't included in the community maintained collection, but are still useful (at least to me).


NOTE: This is not a Vim plugin. It perhaps should be, but it isn't. It relies on the presence of the snipmate-snippets plugin, which does all of the heavy lifting.

Somewhere useful for you, clone the repo:

For example, it can be stored in your ~/.vim directory:

$ cd ~/.vim
$ git clone custom_snippets


I'll happily merge in pull requests, if I think the snippets are useful, but if you're trying to make a meaningful contribution to the overall snipmate-snippets-using community, I recommend sending a patch to that repository instead.


Like the snipmate and snipmate-snippets projects, this project is released under the terms of the MIT license: