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C# / Unity port of Joshua Tippetts Accidental Noise Library
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Accidental Noise Library for C# & Unity

Based on the original Accidental Noise Library by Joshua Tippetts

C# port written by James Petruzzi of Discord Games. See his original blog post.

Packaged, tweaked, and examples scenes for Unity by me.

Note: Unfinished Port

Many of the various color functions are not yet ported. If you're familiar with the C++ version, I'm sure the Unity community would very much appreciate your contribution to finishing the work started by James.


Examples outlined in Joshua's Minecraft Worlds article for compositing various layers of noise together.


Fractal Generator

Easy to use Fractal Editor script for generating textures.


image image image image

Cube Example

Simple variation on the Texture example to spawn cube gameobjects in the scene.



Please feel free to contribute, below are some things that need doing:

  • Finish Port - As noted above, many functions are still missing. This is highest priority.
  • Noise Recipe Builder - Some sort of simple Unity editor for building noise combinations without touching the code
  • Additional preset examples - Got some recipes with interesting results?
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