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C++ implemented, cocos2d-like cross-platform game engine. Any question, please visit our forum:

Platform Supported

  • iOS(3.2+)
  • Android(2.0+)
  • Mac OS X(10.6+)
  • Windows (XP or above)

Main Features

  • Scene managing and transition effect
  • Texture and atlas (Supports png, jpg and pvr)
  • Advanced grid 3D effect, such as lens, ripple, wave, liquid, twirl
  • Particle system
  • Actions
  • Common UI controls, such as button, menu, cover flow, page control, etc.
  • Text rendering(TTF font, bitmap font, line wrap, etc.)
  • Tile map(TGA, Array, TMX)
  • Parallax
  • Motion streak
  • System events(touch, multi-touch, accelerometer, key, gesture)
  • Physics engine(Chipmunk, Box2D)
  • Lua script
  • Memory file system
  • Sound engine which is named "WiSound"
  • AFC(Animation, Frame, Clip) animation format support
  • texture color filter
  • Persistence support (preference, sqlite3)
  • flexible screen adaptation: by density, by base size
  • resource protection mechanism
  • JSON parsing

Tools Supported

When Submit Issue

When you submit an issue, I hope you provide:

  1. description, platform, OS version, WiEngine version, etc.
  2. log if it is a crash problem
  3. sample code to reproduce that problem. this is not mandatory but it will gain high priority if you can provide.


We organize all documentation in github wiki. Now it is just a beginning and we will add more.