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A fork of Douglas Crockford's JSLint: hurting your feelings a little less.

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One of the very few completely essential tools in any developers' belt, JSLint is an amazing piece of applied engineering. It's steered, however, by a man with an ideal vision of Good JavaScript that doesn't always coincide with the code that works in practice. I belive JSLint needs to be a little more forgiving of these practical necessities in a few areas (mostly in its CSS checks), but I've had little luck in submitting patches to JSLint via official channels. As that's simply become a painful process, I'm taking advantage of Crockford's foresight in making the project open source. This fork is completely unofficial, and certainly unapproved.

See the changelog for details.


The master branch will contain the patches I consider important, with tests.

The rebased branch will contain the same content as master, rebased on top of the most current mirror for ease of application to trunk, should Crockford happen by. :) I'll be rebasing this branch more or less all the time, so be careful if you decide to track it. You'll be doing forced pulls all the time, which would be annoying.

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