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Add a check for Content Security Policy (CSP).

The current editor's draft of the Content Security Policy 1.1 spec defines an
experimental feature detection API[1]. The feature is implemented in WebKit
behind a flag. Currently, only Chrome 22+ has that flag enabled by
default, but let's hope that changes going forward.

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@mikewest authored
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10 feature-detects/contentsecuritypolicy.js
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+// Test for (experimental) Content Security Policy 1.1 support.
+// This feature is still quite experimental, but is available now in Chrome 22.
+// If the `SecurityPolicy` property is available, you can be sure the browser
+// supports CSP. If it's not available, the browser still might support an
+// earlier version of the CSP spec.
+// Editor's Draft:
+Modernizr.addTest('contentsecuritypolicy', 'SecurityPolicy' in document);
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