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A blogging engine, characterized by inactivity.

I'm more or less teaching myself Ruby as I go, so look at this as nothing more than a learning-by-doing experiment. Therefore, fallow will likely never function properly for anyone other than me, and that's ok. Fallow has low aspirations.


  • Design adhoc pages
  • Populate adhoc pages for '/is/' and '/resume/'. The latter might just be a redirect to a pdf on 'static.*' for the moment.
  • Cronjobs for aggregation

TODO Eventually

  • Tags on archive page (will require some template rework: requires include_multiple inside an include_multiple'd template)
  • Links to URL info page (ditto: needs some form of if)
  • Flickr aggregation
  • Twitter aggregation
  • RSS feeds for tag clouds
  • Tag cloud for /tags/ (Right now it's a 404)
  • Archive landing page for /archive/ (Right now it's a 302 to the current year)
  • Pagination and navigation for tags, archive, etc.