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Wrapper scripts for running JSLint locally, and for generating test reports for Hudson
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JSLint Utils

This is a set of utility files that wraps JSLint/Rhino, enabling easy linting on the command line, and automated reporting of linting errors via a continuous integration system like Hudson.


You can either modify the Makefile directly to point to proper source and report directories, and then run:

  • make to check everything with a .js or .css extension in the source directory, outputting errors to the command line.

  • make jslint or make csslint to lint JS or CSS, respectively, outputting errors to the command line

  • make hudson to lint JS and CSS, outputting errors in an XML format that Hudson can understand to the report directory

  • make jsxml or make cssxml to lint JS or CSS, respectively, outputting errors in XML format to the report directory

Or, if you're feeling saucy, you can use ./scripts/ to run JSLint directly, outputting errors to the command line:

./scripts/run-jslint <file to lint>

And ./scripts/ to run JSLint, outputting errors in XML format to a directory you specify:

./scripts/ <file to lint> <report directory>

Enjoy! Report bugs!

(You can update the version of JSLint by diving into the ./lib/vendor directory, and typing make. Crockford updates the file silently all the time.)

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