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@@ -135,13 +135,20 @@ <h1 style="position:relative;z-index:5; margin-top:1em;">1 billion monthly downl
style="margin-top: 1em; z-index: 5; position: relative;">
- <figure>
+ <section>
<img src="./images/chromeandroid.png" alt="Mobile is the future. Our goal is to be a shining example to pull the web forward, so Chrome has to be on mobile devices.">
- </figure>
- <figure>
+ <ul class="overlay build" style="top:18%">
+ <li>Initial beta release on Feb. 7th</li>
+ <li>Two releases since, most recent Mar. 7th</li>
+ <li>Now available in 7 languages in 32 countries</li>
+ <li>Based on Chrome 16, rapidly moving to trunk.</li>
+ </ul>
+ </section>
+ <section>
<img src="./images/multiprocess.png" alt="Chrome for Android is not Chrome Light. It brings a powerful, well-tested multiprocess architecture to Android.">
- </figure>
+ </section>
<img src="./images/html5test.png" alt="Chrome brings serious HTML5 chops." width="900">

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