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This is a fork of Tim Pope's vim-markdown.

My goal is to figure out how to support markdown that looks like the following:

This is a paragraph.  Isn't it paragraphy?

1.  This is a list.  Hooray for lists.  What's nice about lists
    is how they support this sort of clean formatting for the
    paragraphs they contain.  Currently, neither 
    [`vim-markdown`][vm] nor [`mkd.vim`][mkd] correctly parses
    this syntax.

        Nor do they understand this: a code block inside
        a list element.  It's a pain in the ass to parse 
        properly.  I suspect I'll have to resort to dirty

2.  This is a second list element.  For closure.

And this is a closing paragraph.


I suspect it'll be a pain in the ass. Hooray for vim.

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