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try {
var db = openDatabase("InspectorTest", "0.1", "Database for Inspector tests", 200000);
db.transaction(function(tx) {
tx.executeSql("CREATE TABLE DisplaySQLNull (test TEXT)", [], function(tx) {
tx.executeSql("INSERT INTO DisplaySQLNull (test) VALUES (NULL)");
} catch (e) {
<p>Test for <a href="">Bug 18837: Database panel fails to display tables if any value is NULL</a>.</p>
<p>To test:</p>
<li>Open the Inspector</li>
<li>Go to the Databases panel</li>
<li>Click on the <code>DisplaySQLNull</code> table inside the <code>InspectorTest</code> database</li>
<p>If the contents of the table appear (a single row with the value
"<code>null</code>" in the <code>test</code> column), you have passed the
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