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<html lang="en">
<p><b>BUG ID:</b> <a href="">8181</a> REGRESSION: After tabbing in page's field, attempting to tab from Google toolbar search to page fails on first try</p>

<p id="test" style="background-color:skyblue; padding:3px;"><b>STEPS TO TEST:</b> <br>
1) Place the cursor in the Google search field.<br>
2) Hit tab until focus cycles through the text fields in the page, and comes back to the Google field.<br>
3) Hit tab once.

<p id="success" style="background-color:palegreen; padding:3px;"><b>TEST PASS:</b>
The first text field in the page should have focus.

<p id="failure" style="background-color:#FF3300; padding:3px;"><b>TEST FAIL:</b>
The first text field in the page does not have focus.
<input type="text" value="1"><input type="text" value="2"><input type="text" value="3">
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