Materials for 2017 workshops on creative coding for the web with JavaScript & p5.js at Lafayette College
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Creative Coding for the Web with p5.js


This pair of hands-on workshops will introduce you to the world of creative coding for the web with JavaScript & p5.js. p5.js is a JavaScript library with the goal of making coding accessible for artists, designers, educators and beginners. In the workshop, we will learn about how the web works and what artists have been doing with the web. Then we will jump into using p5.js to create interactive & dynamic art through code. By the end of the workshop, everyone will have their own p5.js sketch hosted online.

The first workshop is on Tuesday (3/21) from 4 - 6p in Pardee 28. This workshop is for anyone already familiar with general programming concepts (variables, loops, functions).

The second workshop is on Wednesday (3/22) from 1 - 3p in Pardee 28. This workshop is beginner-friendly and assumes no prior knowledge.

Computers will be available, but if you have your own laptop, bring it!


Beginner Workshop

  • Beginner workshop code starter files: zip
  • Beginner workshop completed code: zip
  • Beginner workshop slides: pdf

Advanced Workshop

  • Advanced workshop code starter files: zip
  • Advanced workshop completed code: zip
  • Advanced workshop slides: pdf



Learning More

Alternate Code Editors

We used Atom for coding in the workshop, but there are some great online options for coding in p5: