A module for Phaser for reducing neighboring tiles into a single shape (a polygon "hull")
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Hulls from Tilemaps in Phaser

A module for use with Phaser for reducing neighboring tiles in a tilemap into a single shape - a polygon "hull". For example, the demo tilemap (left) is converted into a series of hulls (right, each hull is visualized in a random color). The hulls contain information about the edges - including midpoints, normals and line lengths. See src/example/js/states/start.js for example usage.

This was built to find hulls for casting dynamic shadows in a 2D lighting engine, but the hull calculation might be useful for simplifying things like collision detection.

(Note: if you are viewing this on GitHub or NPM, you might want to check out the HTML documentation here.)


Whether you include the library as a script tag or import it as a module, Phaser is a dependency. The library expects Phaser to be in the global scope.

As a Script

Download the dist/phaser-tiled-hull.min.js here and include it in your HTML:

<script src="dist/phaser-tiled-hull.min.js"></script>

Inside of your own script, you can now use the global phaserTiledHull:


See src/example/js/states/start.js for example usage in global mode.

As a Module

Install the dependency:

npm install --save phaser-tiled-hull

To use the babelified and minified library:

import phaserTiledHull from "phaser-tiled-hull";

To use the raw es6 library (so you can transpile it to match your own project settings):

import phaserTiledHull from "phaser-tiled-hull/src/library";



// Assuming:
//  - You've imported phaserTiledHull via one of the methods above.
//  - You've created a Phaser game, loaded a tilemap called "map-1" and loaded a
//    tileset called "tiles"

// Add the cached tilemap
const tilemap = game.add.tilemap("map-1");
// Add the tileset - 1st param is name in Tiled, 2nd param is of image in Phaser's cache
const wallTileset = tilemap.addTilesetImage("tiles", "tiles");
// Load your layers (via layer name from Tiled)
tilemap.createLayer("bg", g.width, g.height);
const wallLayer = tilemap.createLayer("walls", g.width, g.height);
// Set all tiles in the wall layer to be colliding
tilemap.setCollisionBetween(wallTileset.firstgid, wallTileset.firstgid +
    wallTileset.total, true, wallLayer);


// Method 1: find hull from colliding tiles
const hulls = phaserTiledHull(wallLayer, {checkCollide: true});
// -> hulls is now an array where each hull is represented as an array of PolygonEdges

// Method 2: find hull only using only the first 5 tiles in the tileset
const hulls = phaserTiledHull(wallLayer, {tileIndices: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]});

// Method 3: find hull using a tile property that was set up in Tiled. To set properties:
// open Tiled, go to the tilesets panel and click the edit tileset button.)
const hulls = phaserTiledHull(wallLayer, {tileProperty: "checkHull"});

// Mixed method: you can combine options. When combining options, a tile only has to pass
// ONE of the checks in order to end up included in one of the hulls.
const hulls = phaserTiledHull(wallLayer, {
    tileIndices: [1],
    tileProperty: "checkHull"

To Do

  • When a version of Phaser is released that doesn't require a global variable (v3?), then modify the library to include Phaser as an external dependency (vs assuming it is on the global object).
  • hull.js can't handle 1x tile concave gaps. Submit PR to hull.js to fix that. For example:
Tilemap:             Hull:

 X X X               X X X
 X          ⟶       X   X
 X X X               X X X

Building the Source Files

See the scripts section of package.json. Main commands:

npm run build:all   ⟶   Builds & minifies the library & example
npm run dev         ⟶   Builds the library & example and serves it via browser-sync

Directory structure:

├── src/
    ├── example/                    ES6 example of how to use the library
    └── phaser-tiled-hull/          ES6 source for the library
├── public/                         The babel transpiled example code
└── dist/                           The transpiled library and source maps
    ├── phaser-tiled-hull.js        Transpiled
    └── phaser-tiled-hull.minjs     Transpiled and minified


@mikewesthad, @retwedt