Alternative nginx plugin for dokku. Supports multiple domains and custom nginx.conf.
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dokku-nginx-alt is a alternative plugin for dokku's built in nginx-vhosts. This plugin supports:

  • Multiple custom domains for each app (e.g.,, and can all be served by the same app). These domains are defined in the VHOST file, with each domain name on a new line.
  • Ability to override nginx.conf. Simply place nginx.tpl or nginx.ssl.tpl files into the app's home directory (i.e. /home/dokku/[app name]/). Upon push, these templates will be used.

In more detail:

  • Moved configuration file from post-deploy into separate template files: nginx.conf and nginx.ssl.conf.
  • Ability to override default .conf files with user's own nginx configuration files placed in /home/dokku/$APP/.
  • Ability to deploy an app under multiple custom domains. The VHOST file can now contain a list of domains that nginx will serve to.
  • VHOST file is decoupled from post-deploy in that post-deploy no longer overwrites VHOST after each deploy. Custom domains are set independently in the VHOST file.
  • Ability to mix SSL and non-SSL domains. For example, VHOST may contain and * where SSL certificates only apply to * This plugin generates both SSL configurations for the wildcard domains and non-SSL configuration for the root domain.
  • Added helper messages during deploy.

Installation and Usage

This plugin has been tested on dokku version 0.2.3.

  1. Install the plugin by cloning into the dokku plugins directory:

    git clone /var/lib/dokku/plugins/nginx-alt

    Do not delete the existing nginx-vhosts/ plugin that ships with dokku.

  2. Then run dokku's plugin install:

    dokku plugins-install

    This step renames nginx-vhosts/ to .nginx-vhosts/ and calls .nginx-vhosts/install.

  3. Create a VHOST file in your dokku app directory (e.g. /home/dokku/[app name]/VHOST) and add each domain name on a separate line.

  4. To override the default nginx.conf and/or nginx.ssl.conf templates, place copies renamed as nginx.tpl and/or nginx.ssl.tpl in your /home/dokku/[app name]/ directory. When you re-push your application, you should see a message like:

    -----> Overriding default SSL nginx.conf with detected nginx.tpl...
  5. Re-push your app.

Known Issues

  • backup-export and backup-import hook scripts have intentionally not been included to reduce the complexity of this plugin.


The MIT License (MIT)