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Neil Fraser et al. - a gentleman and a scholar. A god among men. He wrote mobwrite
                     and the original daemons.

Avery Pennarun (apenwarr) - wrote a tornado wrapper around the original mobwrite
                            daemon. Also made some small fixes. See:

Michael Huynh (mikexstudios) - created this repo (clone from apenwarr); decided to
                               simplify the repository by stripping out all
                               files not related to the tornado daemon. Made some
                               small changes. This is me.

1. Providing a simple repository to play with a tornado-based mobwrite daemon.

2. For furthering my own understanding.

3. Improve the tornado daemon and mobwrite javascript client by using HTML5 Web
   Sockets and tornado's new Web Sockets support.

What I am working on:

1. Simplifying javascipt client by using web sockets.

2. Related to #1: Modifying daemon to use tornado's web sockets.

3. Understanding mobwrite_core and mobwrite_daemon so I can strip it down and
   make it more "pluggable" (eg. working with mysql backend or plugging into
   Django app).

How to use

1. Install the prerequisites that are in requirements.txt. (I like to use a
   virtualenv environment; then invoke pip to install directly from the
   requirements.txt file.)

2. Run the daemon: python

3. Visit http://localhost:3017/ in your browser.