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A tool to create releases of Composer packages from checkout. It supports both Git and SVN repositories.

What it does: determining what the version number of the release should be and create the according tag in Git or SVN.

What it doesn't do: ensure the release is listed on packagist.org or any other Composer repository. It is assumed there are mechanisms in place which automatically detect new version tags and add them to the relevant repository accordingly.


  1. cd into the directory with a checkout of the composer package you want to release
  2. ensure there are no uncommitted changes (ReleaseIt will deny creating a release then)
  3. type releaseIt.phar and follow instructions

Done! You created a new release of your composer package. Congratulations!

Determing the version for the release

To determine the version of the next release there are several possibilies:

Retrieve next version by branch-alias

Composer allows to use the branch-alias from composer.json for the current branch:

"extra": {
    "branch-alias": {
        "dev-master": "0.2.x-dev"

See http://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/aliases.md#branch-alias for more information on branch-alias.

ReleaseIt will check the branch of the current checkout and look it up in the list of branch-alias definitions. If it finds an entry it checks for the last release in the series. For the example above, if no tag which starts with v0.2 exists it will assume no release in this series has been done and suggest using v0.2.0 as version number for the release you are about to create.

In case a release (i.e., a tag) in this series already exists it will take the highest version and increment the patch level. For example, if the highest release is tagged with v0.2.3 it will suggest using v0.2.4 as version number for the release you are about to create.

In case no branch-alias is defined for the current branch, or you deny using the suggested version number it will fall back to simply ask you for the next version.

Asking for the next version

If none of the above ways yielded a version number for the release you will be asked to enter the version number you want to use for this release. To give you a little help ReleaseIt will display the last five releases.


As a phar (recommended)

Download a ready-to-use version:

$ wget http://releaseit.bovigo.org/releaseIt.phar
$ chmod +x releaseIt.phar

It is recommended to move the file into a directory which is in $PATH.

Manual Installation from Source

This project requires PHP 5.3+ and Composer:

$ git clone https://github.com/mikey179/releaseIt.git
$ cd releaseIt
$ curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
$ php composer.phar install