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Using quota limit

Available since release 1.1.0

Sometimes it may be useful to test what happens when the application runs out of disk space. Since 1.1.0 vfsStream provides the possibility to impose a quota on the overall size of the file structure:

$root = vfsStream::setup();
vfsStream::setQuota(10); // set quota to 10 bytes
// issues a warning: file_put_contents(): Only 10 of 11 bytes written, possibly out of free disk space
$bytesWritten = file_put_contents(vfsStream::url('root/file.txt'), '12345678901');
echo 'Bytes written: ' . $bytesWritten;  // displays "Bytes written: 10"
echo $root->getChild('file.txt')->getContent(); // displays "1234567890"

These are the rules for using a quota:

  • Only writing through stream functions (i.e. file_put_contents(), fwrite(), etc.) respects the quota. Writing directly on vfsStreamFile instances is not limited.
  • If no quota is set disk space is considered to be unlimited.
  • Each call to vfsStream::setup() or vfsStreamWrapper::register() will reset the quota to unlimited.
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