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Added explicit locking to MemberServiceImpl.refer to avoid deadlocks.


    @Indexed(unique = true)
    private Long memberId;

Otherwise the index-lock on the id will not be held, so that multiple nodes with that id might get created.

The MemberServiceImplTest.testUniquenessInMultiThreadedScenario is a bit artificial,
in a real scenario it would:

* not create all referrals to a single member
* use a bigger batch granularity (not just ONE referrer but a bunch of messages from a queue in one)
* probably a finer grained locking (e.g. on both members or a subset of the members (category node))
  locking both members could result in a deadlock if you had both referrals a->b and b->b in two concurrent threads at the same time
  which results in a deadlock exception (no stalling) and would have to be retried
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