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This README is pretty out of date, but I am leaving it in for posterity's sake. Check out
to see how we are using this to run firefox from a server onto a touchscreen running baobab-linux.
Midori for the Iopener and IA-1
M4I is a variant of Transmeta's Midori Embedded Linux that was customized
for the Iopener Network appliance and the very similar Compaq IA-1 (also
known as "MSN Companion"). It is a fully-functional linux distribution that
fits into 16MB of flash memory.
This folder contains everything needed to build an image file that
you can install onto your web appliance. It includes all the stuff that
will be part of the image- all contained in the 'root' directory, except
for the kernel, which is contained in the 'kernel' directory.
The build script ('build') will (hopefully!) put everything together and
generate your image. So, you can add or remove stuff from root and then run
'build' to create a customized image. Note that if you run build with a
single 'w' as an argument (eg. './build w') then the winchip kernel will
be used (this is necessary for some early version Iopeners). Otherwise,
the kernel optimized for K6-2/3, Winchip 2 and Rise 266 CPUs will be used.
Once you've built a customized image, you'll probably want to install it
onto your web appliance. This is easy if you are already running Linux (eg.
M4I or Jailbait)- copy the 'm4i-xxxx.img' image file to /tmp on your appliance
and do 'dd if=/tmp/m4i-xxxx.img of=/dev/hdb'. I strongly urge you to also
check the md5sum (run 'md5sum -c /tmp/m4i-xxxx.md5') to make sure that your
image didn't get corrupted in transit. Note that if you haven't upgraded
your memory to more than 32M, you will want to do this from the root console
and you will want ot kill the X server and icewm to free up space for the
16M image that you need to copy to the ram disk.
I hope that you find this stuff useful.
Bob Dougherty
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