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Selecting the boot device
You can build an image to boot from the built-in flash disk (which is
actually the second IDE device, so Linux recognizes it as 'hdb'), or you
can boot from a Flash card or disk attached to the IDE port, which will
be recognized as hda. To change the boot device, you must do the following:
* Recompile the kernel after setting the following options in the kernel
config file (replace [DEVICE] with either /dev/hda or /dev/hdb):
CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=[BOOT DEV] max_loop=16"
* In root/sbin/init file, change '/dev/hdb4' or '/dev/hda4', as necessary.
* In root/sbin/upgrade, change '/dev/hdb4' or '/dev/hda4', as necessary.
* In root/sbin/freezesh, change '/dev/hdb3' or '/dev/hda3', as necessary.
* In root/sbin/thaw, change '/dev/hdb3' or '/dev/hda3', as necessary.
* Test icecast listening on xmms or mpg123 (
libpcd.a, libjpeg.a & libungif.a are for fbi (frame-buffer image viewer)
v2.1- I seem to have introduced a strange, sporatic bug. Symptom is that X
launches, but icewm never comes up (just get the X background with the 'X'
cursor). Investigation reveals that the problem is the LD_LIBRARY_CONFIG env
var is not set properly for /usr/X11R6/sbin/init. However, setting this var
DOESN'T WORK. I can set (and verify) other env vars, but when I set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the test it with a call to 'env', it doesn't appear to
be set! Very weird & annoying.