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Tried to add clarity to documentation for view function

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1 parent 6b4c778 commit a9e175daea35191e2968a41ca45ccc0740a9bb68 @mikeymckay committed Aug 16, 2011
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@@ -861,7 +861,8 @@
* uploads/all/documentation/couchbase-api-design.html#couchbase-api-
* design_db-design-designdoc-view-viewname_get">docs for /db/
* _design/design-doc/_list/l1/v1</a>
- * @param {String} name View to run list against
+ * @param {String} name View to run list against (string should have
+ * the design-doc name followed by a slash and the view name)
* @param {ajaxSettings} options <a href="
* jQuery.ajax/#jQuery-ajax-settings">jQuery ajax settings</a>

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Apache projects don't work with pull requests. Github is just a read-only mirror of the official subversion repository.
Issues should be reported through Jira:

And btw, the patch seems correct to me.
Thanks :)


mikeymckay replied Aug 16, 2011

Grumble grumble!
I can't figure out how to submit a patch. I guess I will create an issue and pastie the patch.

Apache -1 for not using github!

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