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Gears/HTML5 + CouchDB = Offline syncable formentry

For more information, check out the concept page on the github wiki.



Needs google gears.
Needs couchdb installed and running.
Put hotseat in /usr/share/couchdb/www/ (softlink works).
Then goto: http://localhost:5984/_utils/hotseat/index.html (need to specify index.html)

(thanks Chris!)

Download and install the Erlang, Visual C++ 2008 redistributables (for openssl binary), and OpenSSL as per instructions at

Download and install the CounchDb Windows installer at
There is more info about this installer at

Download a zip of hotseat from

If you want to use git, follow these instructions:

Download and install Windows Git binary:
View the first part of the Git tutorial:

Clone the hotseat source from git://

Copy hotseat to C:\Program Files\erl5.7.1\lib\couchdb-0.8.1\share\www\hotseat

Modify index.html in the hotseat dir: Change the link to jquery.js to

Launch couch db using C:\Program Files\erl5.7.1\bin\couch_start.bat

View hotseat at http://localhost:5984/_utils/hotseat/index.html

Warning, this code is pure cowboy so giddyup and happy trails.