SEPTA routes and the elected officials districts they pass through.
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Routes and Reps - SEPTA

Find Elected Officials for any SEPTA route.

A user selects any route on the system, and the app returns a list of all the political districs through which that passes in the form of maps, and lists of elected officials.

This app was created at the #hack4d hackathon.


*add Rail and atypical bus names to the app

*fix styles in the app

*include info/stats about the route

*a single contact form to contact all the elected officials on a route

*a way to integrate public notices and hearings: *

*generate route/district lookup up on the fly (cartoDB)

*search dy district (and view all routes that go through the district


CONTENT (besides this file):

/data_source - the routines used to create a lookup table for the app

/data_source/ - script used in ArcGIS to generate the CSV's zipped below

/data_source/ - correlation of districts for surface route, one for each route

/data_source/ - correlation of districts for regional rail routes (not yet used)

/data_source/parse_csv.php - parses above csv's and creates sql 'insert' statement (piped to the file below)

/data_source/route_dist_lookuptable_insert.sql - output ov the parse_csv.php script

/data_source/routes_and_reps.sql - mysqldump of lookup table used in the app

/app - routines for the web app

/app/index.html - list of all the route options

/app/about.html - a simple about page

/app/get_rep.php - script that looks up 'Reps' the for selected routes, ugly, i know

/app/route_dis_map.php - script that loads the map

/app/authentication.php - stores data and cicero api credentials

/app/get_valid_input.php - routines validate user input

/app/htaccess - .htaccess file used for clean urls



Congressional District Reps

All the other districs:

Political boundries and SEPTA routes c/o PASDA:


PA House reps

PA Senate

PA Congress

Phila City Council:


High speed

Regional Rail

Surface Routes



The interface uses the following

CartoDB Leaflet Bootstrap BootstrapX jQuery