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MoreClipboard for Eclipse

More Clipboard keeps track of the latest entries copied/cut into clipboard buffer and allows quick pasting from the popup list by pressing a hotkey. Inspired by Multi Clipboard plugin for Eclipse and Visual Assist for MS VS.


It's simple:

  • Drag the Install button to your running Eclipse workspace:
Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install More Clipboard
  • OR find the plugin by name in Eclipse Marketplace Client (Help/Eclipse Marketplace..)
  • OR add the link to update site to your Eclipse Update Site manager.
  • OR just download the latest moreclipboard_X.Y.Z.jar file from Releases into your Eclipse /plugins folder

To check if the plugin is installed and working open Window/Show View/Other.. dialog; there should be a MoreClipboard folder with a MoreClipboard Contents view.

MoreClipoard View in the Show View dialog


Since v1.2 no additional septup is needed! Plugin automatically adds bindings from new context. The bindings are as follows:

  • Regular Ctrl+C (Ctrl+Insert) and Ctrl+X (Shift-Delete) - just continue working as usual Copy and Cut commands, but also store copied text in the internal buffer. You may see its contents in already mentioned MoreClipoard View, but it's not required.
  • New Ctrl+Shift+V (Ctrl+Shift+Insert) bindings provide ability to paste previously copied text by opening a popup window:

Paste from MoreClipboard window

  • You may also use combinations Alt+V+1 .. Alt+V+9 to paste items from MoreClipboard by index.

As usual with Eclipse you may change key bindings via Window/Preferences/General/Keys.