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namespace DurableFsharp
open System
open System.Threading
open System.Threading.Tasks
open Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs
open Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Host
open Twilio.Rest.Api.V2010.Account
open Twilio.Types
open FSharp.Control.Tasks
module PhoneVerification =
let Run([<OrchestrationTrigger>] context: DurableOrchestrationContext) = task {
let phoneNumber = context.GetInput<string>()
if String.IsNullOrEmpty(phoneNumber)
then raise (ArgumentNullException("phoneNumber", "A phone number input is required."))
let! challengeCode = context.CallActivityAsync<int>("E4_SendSmsChallenge", phoneNumber)
use timeoutCts = new CancellationTokenSource()
// The user has 90 seconds to respond with the code they received in the SMS message.
let expiration = context.CurrentUtcDateTime.AddSeconds 90.
let timeoutTask = context.CreateTimer(expiration, timeoutCts.Token)
let rec challenge i = task {
let challengeResponseTask = context.WaitForExternalEvent<int>("SmsChallengeResponse")
let! winner = Task.WhenAny(challengeResponseTask, timeoutTask)
if (winner = timeoutTask) then return false
elif (challengeResponseTask.Result = challengeCode) then return true
elif i >= 0 then return! challenge (i - 1)
else return false
let! authorized = challenge 3
// All pending timers must be complete or canceled before the function exits.
if (not timeoutTask.IsCompleted) then timeoutCts.Cancel()
return authorized
let SendSmsChallenge
([<ActivityTrigger>] phoneNumber: string,
log: TraceWriter,
[<TwilioSms(AccountSidSetting = "TwilioAccountSid", AuthTokenSetting = "TwilioAuthToken", From = "%TwilioPhoneNumber%")>] messageCollector: ICollector<CreateMessageOptions>
) =
// Get a random number generator with a random seed (not time-based)
let rand = Random(Guid.NewGuid().GetHashCode())
let challengeCode = rand.Next(10000)
log.Info (sprintf "Sending verification code %i to %s." challengeCode phoneNumber)
let message = CreateMessageOptions(PhoneNumber(phoneNumber))
message.Body <- sprintf "Your verification code is %i:0000" challengeCode
messageCollector.Add message