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F# HTTP Trigger Functions for .NET Core 2.0

Examples of Azure Functions with HTTP trigger, implemented in F# and running on .NET Core 2.0 with Azure Functions 2.0 runtime (currently in beta/preview).

Running examples

dotnet restore
dotnet build
dotnet publish
cd bin\debug\netstandard2.0\publish
func host start

or just execute run command from Visual Studio Code.

Simple HTTP

Minimal example of HTTP Trigger in F#

Sample URL: http://localhost:7071/api/simple?name=User

Response: Hi, User

Suave HTTP

Example using Suave F#-friendly web library

Sample URL: http://localhost:7071/api/suave/goodbye

Response: Good bye GET

Based on Tamizhvendan's Suave.Azure.Functions

Other Links

Blog post Develop Azure Functions on any platform

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