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aurelia-api-mocks README change Jul 27, 2016
aurelia-app-insights App Insights in Aurelia samples Aug 19, 2016
custom-binding-azure-functions Sample for Authoring a Custom Binding for Azure Functions Jul 26, 2017
customautoscaling Add a sample for Custom Autoscaling with Durable Functions Jul 24, 2017
eventhubs-sqlcheckpoints Reliable event hubs processing samples May 29, 2017
streamprocessing Gift Count stream processing pipeline Nov 28, 2016
Clicker.fs F# mouse clicker Feb 29, 2016
ConnectedIslands.fs Connected islands graph puzzle solution Jan 31, 2017
Either{TL,TR}.cs Poker hand recognition example Feb 1, 2016
HandRecognition.fs Poker hand recognition example Feb 1, 2016
LICENSE Initial commit Jan 6, 2016
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