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import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws";
import * as serverless from "@pulumi/aws-serverless";
export class WarmLambda extends pulumi.ComponentResource {
public lambda: aws.lambda.Function;
public subscription: serverless.cloudwatch.CloudwatchEventSubscription;
public eventRule: aws.cloudwatch.EventRule;
constructor(name: string,
options: aws.serverless.FunctionOptions,
handler: aws.serverless.Handler,
opts?: pulumi.ResourceOptions) {
if (!name) {
throw new Error("Missing required resource name");
if (!handler) {
throw new Error("Missing required function handler");
super("samples:WarmLambda", name);
const eventRule = new aws.cloudwatch.EventRule(`${name}-warming-rule`,
{ scheduleExpression: "rate(5 minutes)" },
{ parent: this, ...opts }
const outerHandler = (event: any, context: aws.serverless.Context, callback: (error: any, result: any) => void) =>
if (event.resources && event.resources[0] && event.resources[0].includes( {
callback(null, "warmed!");
} else {
console.log('Running the real handler...');
handler(event, context, callback);
const func = new aws.serverless.Function(
{ parent: this, ...opts });
this.lambda = func.lambda;
this.eventRule = eventRule;
this.subscription = new serverless.cloudwatch.CloudwatchEventSubscription(
{ },
{ parent: this, ...opts });
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