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An exploratory data analysis (EDA) of New Year's Eves firefighter calls in the Netherlands.
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An exploratory data analysis (EDA) of New Year's Eves firefighter calls in the Netherlands.


The New Year's Eve period in the Netherlands involves many fireworks, fire damage, and increasing violence directed at first responders. There is an active societal debate about whether consumer fireworks should be banned. In order to support this debate, we have analyzed the data from the national emergency network called P2000, which is publicly available. We are focusing on firefighters and will not consider police and medical services. The data sets were scraped and downloaded from two websites and

The analysis was made for The Hague. However, the data for Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and the Netherlands (yes, the whole country!) as well as interactive visualizations are also available (see data and visualizations folders). The GIF below demonstrates how firefighter calls evloved during 2020 New Year's Eve.

How to use this repo

The main body of the project has the following structure:

├── data
│   ├── processed            <- The final data sets used for the analysis
├── figures                  <- High quality figures 
├── notebooks                
│   ├── main.ipynb           <- The main notebook used for EDA
├── src                      <- Standalone scripts used for data gathering, preprocessing and visualization
├── visualizations           <- Interactive visualizations created with and GIFs            
│   ├── den_haag.html        <- 2018, 2019 and 2020 New Year's Eve firefigther calls in The Hague
│   ├── den_haag_2020.html   <- 2020 New Year's Eve firefigther calls in The Hague
│   ├── rottedam_2020.html   <- 2020 New Year's Eve firefigther calls in Rotterdam  
│   ├── amsterdam_2020.html  <- 2020 New Year's Eve firefigther calls in Amsterdam

If you would like to run the main notebook yourself, please, use the binder bage on the top of the page.

Feel free to experiment with the interactive visualization created with Just open the visualization folder, right-click on den_haag.html file to save it, open the downloaded file on your computer with any browser. There you can select the year, explore the regions of the calls and the corresponding message more closely. If you interested only in 2020 New Year's Eve, check den_haag_2020.html file.

Main findings

From the data we found that (see the figure below):

  1. The number of firefigther calls made during New Year's Eve period is significantly higher than on average.
  2. This number is increasing from 2018 to 2020.
  3. Based on the reason for the call, we can attempt to estimate the potential damage.

Contributing & authors

If you are interested in the project, please, either fork it and submit a pull request, or contact us via Twitter or email.

Mikhail Sirenko @mikhailsirenko, Trivik Verma @TrivikV and Igor Nikolic @ComplexEvo




We would like to thank people who are running the website and Ton Snoei with the team of

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