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Linear Algebra for Java

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jblas is a matrix library for Java which uses existing high
performance BLAS and LAPACK libraries like ATLAS.

Version 0.3.1, December 18, 2009
Version 0.3, September 17, 2009
Version 0.2, May 8, 2009
Version 0.1, March 28, 2009

see also the file RELEASE_NOTES



In principle, all you need is the jblas-0.3.1.jar in your
classpath. jblas-0.3.1.jar will then automagically extract your platform
dependent native library to a tempfile and load it from there. You can
also put that file somewhere in your load path ($LD_LIBRARY_PATH for
Linux, %PATH for Windows).


If you want to build jblas from the sources, you need to set up quite
a few things:

You will need some implementation of blas and lapack. jblas is tested
with either plain lapack, or ATLAS
( You also need the Fortran
sources for BLAS and LAPACK, available, for example from

Besides that, you need an installation of ruby, for some code
generation scripts.

If you still want to build the source your own, see INSTALL for further


Have a look at javadoc/index.html and javadoc/org/jblas/DoubleMatrix.html


jblas is distributed under a BSD-style license. See the file LICENSE
for more information.


If you encounter any bugs, feel free to go to and
register a ticket for them. Make sure to include as much information
as possible. For configuration problems it would also be helpful to
include the file "configure.log".


see file AUTHORS
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