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Known Bugs and Odd Error Messages

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UnsatisfiedLinkError, cannot load (Linux, 64 bit)

Under Linux 64bit, you need to install the runtime libraries for gfortran. More information on the Missing Libraries page.

UnsatisifedLinkError, cannot load dependent libraries (Windows)

Under Windows, you need to install some cygwin runtime libraries. More information on the Missing Libraries page.

Range queries don't quite work in 1.2.0

There are a few bugs in the range queries for the latest release. I always meant to also reoptimize the libraries for the next release, that's why these bugs are still pending... .

They are fixed in the latest commit, however, so the best way to deal with this is to git clone the project, and do an mvn install in there and bump the version of the dependency to 1.2.1.

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