Missing Libraries

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For Linux 64 bit and Windows, you may need to have additional libraries installed.

Linux (64 bit)

For 64 bit libraries, you need the libgfortran shared library. This is the basic gfortran runtime library. Unfortunately, I cannot link the static library into the shared jblas libraries, as they aren't compiled with the -fPIC flag (position independent code).

Normally, you get this library by installing the gfortran compiler.

On debian and ubuntu systems, type:

sudo apt-get install libgfortran3

On CentOS, use:

sudo yum install libgfortran.x86_64


For Windows, you need to have the MINGW runtime libraries in your path. If you have cygwin, you probably already have those installed by default, but if you deploy on a new system, you need to install those by hand.

For 64 bit windows, you need to install the packages


and then add the directory


to your path.