Supported Platforms

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Currently, jblas supports the following platforms:

Architecture SSE version Linux Mac OS X(*1) Windows
i386 SSE2 Yes N/A(*2) Yes
SSE3 Yes No(*3) Yes
amd64/x86_64 SSE2 Yes N/A(*2) Yes(*4)
SSE3 Yes Yes Yes(*4)


  • i386 are Intel, AMD, etc. processors in 32bit mode.
  • amd64/x86_64 | are Intel, AMD, etc. processors in 64bit mode.
  • (*1)Apparently, jblas only runs under Mac OS X 10.6.x right now, because of some incompatibilities in the dynamic loader. Follow this thread on jblas-users for updates.
  • (*2)All Apple computers with Intel processor already support SSE3.
  • (*3)Starting with jblas-1.1, I dropped support for i386, mainly because I couldn’t get hold of a truly 32bit Mac OS box… . If you need it, drop me a line.
  • (*4)ATLAS is not supported for Windows/64bit, but a pure LAPACK library is included. You can also use a 32bit JVM. Read Why There Is No 64bit Support For Windows.

jblas has been reported to run with Sun’s JVM, OpenJDK, and even gcj (although the performance is really bad for the latter as dynamically loaded Java code is interpreted.)

There are reports that jblas crash under Windows 2000 and a pretty old Celeron processor, but currently, I have no idea why :(