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This document is a minimal quickstart tutorial to use BitIodine and is in no way comprehensive or complete.
1) Make sure the bitcoind (>= 0.8.6) blockchain is up to date in ~/.bitcoin
2) Go to blockparser, type "make" to compile the BlockParser
3) Run "./parser sql" to generate (or incrementally update) the SQLite database of the blockchain
4) To generate clusters, go to clusterizer/ and run "./ --generate-clusters". To generate a CSV file, after generating clusters run "./ --csv"
5) To generate the NetworkX transaction graph (and user graph) or the LEMON transaction graph, you can use the Python scripts in grapher/
6) After generating clusters and the NetworkX transaction graph, you can use the Classifier in "classifier/"
6) To run the C++ server, compile ("make") and run "./bitiodine_server" in lemon/