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Update README to match current config.

Original contents described the method of using hg-git
(Mercurial Git plugin) for creating this repository. It turns out
that hg-git is not stable enough yet for this task (I tried 0.2.1).

The master branch is now generated by fast-export script.

Pros: commit messages are identical to official mercurial repo.
Cons: commit messages do not include extra data for perfect git-to-hg
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mikkorantalainen committed Feb 10, 2012
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@@ -2,15 +2,16 @@ Git clone of
Warning: this clone is not automatically updated.
-How to update (requires hg-git plugin for mercurial)
+The master branch is created as follows:
-hg clone
-hg bookmark -f master
-hg push git+ssh://
+git clone git://
+hg clone html5lib.hg
+git init html5lib.git
+cd html5lib.git
+../fast-export/ -r ../html5lib.hg
+git checkout HEAD
-or if you already have hg repo
-hg pull
-hg bookmark -f master
-hg push git+ssh://
+Please, do NOT commit file called 'README' into the master branch only to
+get github to display its contents automatically. The intent is to keep
+master branch equal to original mercurial version.

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