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Mikkel Høghs dotfiles.
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antigen @ dc9be95 Added Antigen. Apr 5, 2013
config/nvim New configuration layout for Neovim Oct 31, 2015
vim Tweaks for editing Markdown. Jan 17, 2012
.gitignore Ignoring files we do not want in here Oct 31, 2015
.gitmodules Added Antigen. Apr 5, 2013
README.markdown Adding README.markdown. Jan 16, 2009
bash_aliases A useful alias for Drupal developers. Mar 16, 2015
bash_profile Initial commit of my dotfiles. Jan 15, 2009
bashrc Enable fzf Oct 31, 2015
cvsrc Fixed accidental 'cat ' in cvs diff options Jan 16, 2009
drushrc.php Adding cvsrc and drushrc.php Jan 15, 2009
gitconfig Sign commits with GPG Apr 7, 2016
gitignore Ignore npm-debug.log files. Jul 7, 2015
gvimrc Let MacVim set its own size. Jan 17, 2012
hgrc Adding hgrc for Mercurial. Sep 29, 2009
inputrc Initial commit of my dotfiles. Jan 15, 2009
iterm2_shell_integration.zsh Upgraded the iterm2 shell integration May 24, 2016
jshintrc Use default value for shadow. Jul 7, 2015
jslintrc Adding my JSLint config. Apr 15, 2011
linkdotfiles Don’t use hardlinks, causes wierd issues with zsh. Sep 9, 2010
liquidpromptrc Added liquidprompt config. Mar 11, 2014
mailfilter Adding mailfilter settings and muttrc. Jan 16, 2009
muttrc Adding mailfilter settings and muttrc. Jan 15, 2009
siegerc Adding gvimrc and siegerc. Jan 15, 2009
tidyconf Settings for HTML tidy. Jul 28, 2009
tmux.conf Disable aggressive resizing in tmux Dec 15, 2015
vimrc Fixed white space May 24, 2016
zlogin Less offensive, smaller cow. Jan 26, 2014
zshenv Use composer bin folder. Mar 16, 2015
zshrc Using nvim as default editor May 24, 2016


Dotfiles in Git

I've recently discovered that keeping your dotfiles in git is one of the neatest tricks since sliced bread. I've taken the time to make a little Python script that symlinks all the dotfiles here to your homedir.

To use these dotfiles (or customise the set up for your own use):

  1. git clone git:// - you might want to rename the resulting dotfiles folder to something else. I keep mine in ~/.dotfiles.git but anywhere should work.
  2. Customise the RC-files to your own liking and add your own.
  3. Run python linkdotfiles in the folder you checked it out. Use the -f option if you want your old dotfiles to be overwritten (otherwise, linkdotfiles will only link those that do not exist).
  4. Optionally, set up a central git repository so you can share your dotfiles across your machines. (If you don't have your own server for that sort of thing, you can fork my repository on Github.
  5. Enjoy.
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