CAS Authentication and Authorization on Rails! See wiki.
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Provides a consistent structure for web app authentication of RPI people.

Authentication is accomplished through CAS using the rubyCAS-client, and model-level write authorization is provided by the authenticates_access plugin.

Full installation procedure and usage documentation is available on this project's github wiki:


Configuration is done by one line in a controller (in most cases it makes
sense to do this in the ApplicationController for your app):

  authenticate_rpi Person, :username_field => 'username', :admin_field => 'is_admin' 

Where the Person is the model representing the site's users, and the username returned by CAS matches :username_field for the user that is logging in. :admin_field is an optional argument, and if provided, it's value will determine the method or field on the user model that identifies site administrators. This is a convenience feature. 

This makes the following methods available to controllers and views:
* logged_in?
* admin_logged_in?
* current_user

Login is available via the session controller provided by this plugin.

Login link:
link_to "login", new_session_path 

Logout link:
link_to 'logout', session_path, :method => :delete 

See the wiki for details.

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael DiTore, released under the MIT license