NPAPI (npsimple) example
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This is a simple NPAPI test plugin with a scriptable (javascript) object. Any
function call into the plugin will return an int32 with the value 42.

In order to build this plugin you need to setup the NPAPI headers (e.g.
xulrunner-sdk) in **.

	; make

Following browsers have been tested successfully with this plugin so far:

- Iceweasel 2.0/Debian Linux
- Iceweasel 3.0/Debian Linux
- Firefox 2.0/Ubuntu Linux
- Firefox 3.0/Ubuntu Linux
- WebKit/GTK c6c3f8ca4996a96a1c7e9d1ddb9c6e3bd05daed9/Ubuntu Linux
- Opera 9.27/Ubuntu Linux
- Opera 9.5/Debian Linux
- Firefox 3/Darwin
- Safari 3.1.2/Darwin
- Firefox 3.0/Windows XP
- Opera 9.5/Windows XP
- Torchmobile's IRIS browser 1.0.13/Windows Mobile 6
- Mozilla Firefox 4.0b4/Android

What does not work:

- Opera 9.51/Darwin

Further information: