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GamesDeals Bot

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GamesDeals is Discord bot build with discord.js. GamesDeals informs about games which price was reduced to 0. It uses as a source.

Command list

Command Aliases Description Required permissions
Set-up commands
sendhere sh Bot will send notifications about free games in the channel this command was issued. Manage Webhooks
forgetserver fs Makes bot forget the server. Removes related webhook. Bot won't send any notifications about free games anymore. Manage Webhooks
setmention sm Set (update) role to mention when new game is found. Manage Webhooks
removemention rm Makes bot stop mentioning a role when a new game is found. Manage Webhooks
invite inv Sends bot invitation URL.
lastdeal ld Sends information about last found game.
statistics stat, stats Sends basic statistics about the bot.
support supp Sends support server invitation URL.

Command list can be accessed via help command.

How to run own instance of the bot

  1. Configure GamesDealsAPI.
  2. Clone this repo,
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Configure the required environment variables (.env file can be used).
  5. Run npm run start-pretty.
  6. If you want to get notifications about free games, configure GamesDealsNotifier.

Required environment variables

  1. BOT_TOKEN generated on
  2. API_URL for example http://localhost:8080

Optional environment variables



This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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