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Simple tool for management remote machine using Ansible for Debian systems



[scala,, h2 base, ansible]

  • get pings over http in http://domain/pings path form clients (colect ip form hosts with DHCP) - done
  • create /etc/ansible/hosts file from pings - done (in future give input for ansible - $ANSIBLE_PATH)
  • create group of host and add or remove hosts from group
  • insert deb repository and copy to group of clients
  • show all available packages and allow to mark package be required or not (or without any policy) for group
  • make install, update, upgrade by ansible
  • allow create text file (i.e. config), config path and copy to group by ansible
  • allow to run single command on group by ansible
  • allow to run playbook on group



  • ping to server and send their hostname (carry ip) - done
  • configurable by file /etc/default/pinger.conf - done



  • get deb links
  • return available packages
  • return dependences for package - list of packages


Follow these steps to get started (for developers):

  1. Git-clone this repository.

     $ git clone
  2. Change directory into your clone:

     $ cd webansible
  3. Launch SBT:

     $ sbt
  4. Compile everything and run all tests:

     > test
  5. Start the application:

     > re-start
  6. Browse to http://localhost:8080/

  7. Start the application:

     > re-stop
  8. Create jar with assembly:

     > assembly

Run jar file:

sudo java -jar webansible-assembly-{version}.jar

Open browser http://localhost:8989