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JavaScript port of qhull
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A JavaScript port of qhull.


Via npm:

npm install qhull-js


Here is an example showing how to compute the convex hull of a set of points:

console.log(require("qhull-js")([[0, 0], [10, 0], [0, 10], [10, 10], [5, 5]]));


[ [ 1, 0 ], [ 2, 0 ], [ 3, 1 ], [ 3, 2 ] ]


This function computes the n-dimensional convex hull of a collection of points.

  • points is an array of length n-arrays of points

Returns the convex hull of points represented by an array of facets each encoded as indices into points.


Currently, the library weighs in at around 3MB unminified. Patches welcome!


QHull is (c)1993-2013 C.B. Barber (See COPYING.txt)

JavaScript port by Mikola Lysenko, 2013

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