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Alias Engine converts aliases to full commands
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Alias Engine

Alias Engine is a C# and .NET Standard based engine, which allows you to create aliases for your commands. It's inspired by the alias support offered by mIRC:



Full command: /join

Alias: /j

AliasConverter.AddAlias("/j /join");
AliasConverter.Convert("/j") = "/join";

Defining an alias

In simplest form, Alias Engine can be used to shorten commands:

AliasConverter.AddAlias("/j /join");
AliasConverter.AddAlias("/x multiple return words");


AliasConverter.Convert("/j") = "/join"

Aliases with Parameters

Alias Engine supports aliases with parameters. You can define one or many parameters for each alias:

AliasConverter.AddAlias("/j /join {0}");
AliasConverter.AddAlias("/j1 /join {0} {1}");


AliasConverter.Convert("/j1 hello there") = "/join hello there"

Aliases with multiword parameters

Alias Engine supports cases where an alias contains a multiword parameter:

AliasConverter.AddAlias("/t /topic {0}-");


AliasConverter.Convert("/t hello there") = "/topic hello there"

Aliases with Multiple Commands

AliasConver.Convert always returns an array of commands. This is because one alias can contain multiple commands:

AliasConverter.AddAlias("/j2 /join {0} | /join {1}");


AliasConverter.Convert("/j2 hello there") =  ["/join hello", "/join there"]
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