Azure Blob Bridge for IFTTT provides an easy way to use Azure Blob storage as a IFTTT Action.
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Azure Blob Bridge for IFTTT

Azure Blob Bridge for IFTTT logo

Azure Blob Bridge for IFTTT provides an easy way to use Azure Blob storage as a IFTTT output Channel (Action).

Deploy to Azure

The project is intended to be used with the IFTTT's Maker-Channel. Example:

Feedly (new post) -> Maker Channel -> Azure Blob Bridge -> Azure Blob storage (new post stored as a blob)

Azure Blob Bridge works by providing HTTP POST API for uploading blobs to your Azure Storage Account.


You need to define three configuration settings, either through the Azure Deploy or through Web.config:

  • apiKey = Api key is used to define the URL for your api. NOTE: Use only valid URI characters. Example: apiKey = "hello" -> Your API works through
  • storageConnectionString = The Azure Storage connection string. Example: DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=mystoragewe;AccountKey=wjN544545444233rwsdsdddddkkkkkkk999999999923wu3zJXSoBJ4LAWBbtEYKqbwjIQ==
  • container = The Azure container where files will be written. NOTE: Use only valid container character (so no upper cases or numbers). If container is missing, it will be automatically created as private. Example: mycontainer

Usage with IFTTT

Coming soon.

Usage with HTTP POST

Content-Length: 38
Content-type: Application/json

{"author":"hello", "text":"mycontent"}

This will create a new blob with provided content (body). Content-type is set if provided in request headers. File name is automatically generated:

DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks + ".dat";


Unfortunately IFTTT doesn't currently provide Channel for Azure Blob storage. This project can be used to work around the limitation.


If you have any questions, you can contact Mikael Koskinen or Adafy Oy.


This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT License (see mit.txt).