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@B4nan B4nan released this
· 46 commits to master since this release
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5.2.0 (2022-06-10)

Bug Fixes

  • core: allow changing PK via UoW (32ab215), closes #3184
  • core: ensure correct cached value in loadCount (4471bb8)
  • query-builder: fix calling qb.count('id', true).getCount() (a97324a), closes #3182
  • query-builder: fix processing of custom types in explicitly aliased queries (db137a6), closes #3172
  • schema: do not consider autoincrement columns as primary automatically (088afdb), closes #3187
  • ts-morph: use module: 'node16' for reflection (024d9d9), closes #3168
  • typing detection with typescript 4.7 node16 (#3163) (08322fa)


  • core: automatically discover target embeddables and relationships (#3190) (8624dc5)
  • entity-generator: allow generating bidirectional relations (8b93400), closes #3181
  • entity-generator: allow generating identified references (1fbf5ac)
  • knex: allow reusing existing knex client via driverOptions (c169eda), closes #3167
  • schema: add logging to schema comparator (f96eaaf)