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@B4nan B4nan released this 04 Feb 22:03
· 96 commits to master since this release

6.1.0 (2024-02-04)

Bug Fixes

  • core: allow CacheAdapter.get to return Promise<undefined> (#5200) (98ce1e5), closes #5199
  • core: fix broken inference of AutoPath in TS 5.4 (#5197) (8bbc252)
  • core: handle possible match between virtual property name and another property's field name (7fc779f), closes #5191
  • core: make wrap(e, true).__em correctly typed to EntityManager (35d607c)
  • core: process upsert data to allow using entity instances in place of relations (9305653), closes #5165
  • core: respect upsertMany options when batching (d6d1381), closes #5209
  • core: respect hidden properties of composite PKs during serialization (3d1cba3), closes #5203
  • postgres: improve diffing of native postgres enums (49d6b4d), closes #5108
  • query-builder: support convertToJSValueSQL on returning statement of update queries (2e1d6c8), closes #5176


  • core: add second EM parameter to onCreate and onUpdate callback (a964aeb), closes #5201
  • core: allow declarative partial loading of collection items (#5210) (5e4fa60), closes #4963
  • core: allow mapping array columns to arrays of objects via ArrayType (#5204) (42cc9cc), closes #5188
  • entity-generator: allow post processing the metadata (#5113) (e82058f), closes #5010
  • knex: add loggerContext parameter to em.execute (b6d46df)