Babel is an Extra for MODx Revolution that creates linked documents across different contexts. The easy way for your multilingual site!
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Babel is an Extra for MODx Revolution that helps you managing your multilingual websites using different contexts. Babel even supports managing several different multilingual websites within one MODx instance by using so called context groups.

Babel maintains links between translated resources. In the manager you can use the Babel Box to easily switch between the different language versions of your resources. Translations can be created automatically by Babel or defined manually.

Additionally Babel can be used to synchronize certain template variables (TVs) of translated resources which should be the same in every context (language).

For detailed information please refer to core/components/babel/docs/readme.txt

Screenshots of the Babel Box

Link translation

Menu of linked resources

Menu of unlinked resources

Installation via the MODx Package Management

Babel is available in the MODx Package Manager at

For the latest version please refer to this GitHub repository