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just a few notes...

- game is compilable using classic gnu binutils (make, gcc & stuff)

- Makefile is really, really lame ;)

- to get asm version you need define USE_M68K_ASM and to replace pragmas.o 
  and a.o with their 68k versions (they are commented out in Makefile). 
  I'm not sure in which state are these sources (there was some bug in one 
  68k function) but it should work. But I don't recommend it at all...

- the source includes very sophisticated devpac to gnu as converter, you 
  need a perl package from sparemint distribution to run it

- it's possible you'll get some compile errors -- i use some own <mint/*> 
  includes (with constants from Atari Compendium) -- drop me a line if 
  you're interested

- engine/asm directory contains original amiga sources. but beware! they 
  had to be changed since not everything can be handled by perl script! 
  Concretly I don't remember ;)

And that's it! Sources are under GPL ofcourse!
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